Who We Are?

Shenzhen Huazheng Textile Co., Ltd, is specialized in hook and loop designing, producing and selling, and committed to upgrading traditional OEM to ODM. Currently, we have established long-term and smooth cooperation with well-known enterprises!

Huazheng Continuous Innovation

We continuously innovate product value and gain experience in almost every field that hook and loop widely applied, such as garments, electronics, appliances, network installation, medical equipment, sports, home textile, toys, packaging material, and supporting industries.

Improving Production Techniques

Huazheng never ceases to improve our production techniques, quality control, and customer services. We strive to make the magic bond with our customers, partners, employees and the whole community.

We are your single-source provider for all your hook & loop requirements.

Discover What Sets Huazheng Apart

Our products have passed essential certificates like SGS, RECH, BSCI, ITTC, ISO9001. We also own the most complete hook-loop processing equipment, including machines for warping, weaving, setting, hook cutting, slitting, napping, dyeing, gluing, die cutting, electric cutting fillet, laser cutting, etc, and all running in a dust-free environment.

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